Player Profiles


Terry Greene co-founded the Golden Harps Steel Orchestra in 1992 and remains the current leader and music arranger. Originally from Trinidad, he recognized an opportunity to introduce the island’s national instrument to his new homeland. To this day Terry remains committed to sharing steel pan music  with his community and continues to offer teaching programs for both children and adults.


Alice Lukings is a senior member of the Golden Harps Steel Orchestra, She joined Golden Harps in 1998, starting as a bass player before moving on to the double alto and tenor pas. Alice says with pride “I enjoy the challenge of learning new songs on the pans I play, and performing at our many functions with my fellow members.


Steve McCann started his musical career in the 60’s, and after winning an Ontario Arts Counsel songwriting contest, decided to study composition at Western University. After graduation, he spent years on the road performing and recorded several albums with the band Busker. In the last 20 years, he has written and recorded hundreds of pieces for film, orchestra and world music ensembles. He has been writing and arranging for Golden Harps for the last 10 years, and occasionally performing with them during the Christmas season.



Krys Anton joined the band in 2015 after enjoying their performance at her church. She was so impress with the music that she joined the Band, and is now the Band six Bass Player. For the short time she has been in the band, she has become one of our best Bass Pan player due to her hard work, and her dedication to her music and the band. Krys is not contented on playing only the Bass Pan, presently she is learning to play the Tenor Pan, and eventually would like to be able to play the Alto and the Cello pan.


With Latin American roots, Silvia Marroquin-Ponce  has always appreciated the many sounds and styles of music. Always wanting to learn to play an instrument, she gave pan a shot not knowing what to expect. After her first performance she was hooked.
“There’s just something about pan that is extremely challenging yet really accessible and so much fun!”

Nikitia Carimbocas hails from Trinidad, the home of the steel pan. Her first love was music and she loves to sing. Playing the steel pan brings out the island girl in her and gives her an opportunity to showcase her talent and to give people a taste of her culture.

Gerard “Clarkie” Clarke has been playing pan for over 50 years. Since 1982 he has also been a pan-maker and tuner; working with bands,schools, ensembles and private individuals in Trinidad,Europe,North America and the Caribbean Islands. Has been tuning/blending in different parts of Canada since 1993.

 dominicDominik Seepersad’s passion for music started at the tender age of 16 when he bought his first guitar, not knowing how to play it, but determine to learn. Joining Golden Harps in 2015, he hails from Trinidad and Tobago with a wide interest in all forms of music and instrument, including the recorder, drums, and piano. He is a former 7 bass player with the Trinidad and Tobago Chinese steel Ensemble and a Tenor player with the Harvard Harps,where his love for playing the Steel Pan was born. he is currently playing the Tenor Pan with the Golden Harps.

 kelbyKelby LeeLum  joined the Golden Harps in 2016, looking forward to continue fostering her love of  Steel pan music. Originally from Trinidad, she first played tenor Bass with the Trinidad and Tobago Chinese Steel Ensemble in 2006. currently she plays Tenor Pan with the Golden Harps, and enjoys spreading the warmth and vibes of the Caribbean through the sounds of this beautiful instrument, Look out for her in one of our many parades and concerts that we play.

thumbnail_2016-11-07-20-45-24_1478569736378 Every time Sherene Dyson hear Steel Pan music it makes her want to dance, I guess the culture and rhythm of the Island music is in her blood since both my parents are from Trinidad. I have always loved the sound of the steel pan and was excited to learn and play with the band. I’ve been playing since September 2016, and watching the crowd enjoy our performances is the most rewarding experience.

Originally from Maryshill in Tobago, Julian Stephen has been playing with the Golden Harps since 2006. Through a mutual friend, Julian and his two daughters happened upon a Golden Harps rehearsal where Terry immediately recruited them to try the pans. Julian and his daughters played together for six years, bringing the family even closer together through their passion for the music. Eventually the girls left to carry on with their post-secondary education, but Julian is still with us, playing cello pan.

“The reason I am still playing, “ says Julian, “is because I see Alice and Terry’s passion for steel pan and how they want to keep Caribbean music alive. And it’s the greatest feeling seeing our audience smile and dance along.”